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Q: Can I re-use my BellaSole Foldaways?
A: BellaSole folding flats were designed to be worn again and again. This is why we designed the convenient clutch to store your folding flats. When you are ready to slip on those sexy heels again, just pack your folding flats back into your zipper clutch and slip it into your purse for the next party!

Q: Can I wear my Bellasoles all day, everyday?
A: Bellasole foldable ballet flats are designed to provide a cute and fast relief for those sore toes battered by those sexy stilettos. You can certainly wear them all day, but they aren't fashioned with the same material as regular shoes. Daily wear of your BellaSole folding shoes will wear them out a lot faster. If your BellaSole folding flats starts to show some wear and tear..come back and see what else we have in stock.  

Q: Will you be adding more colors and styles to the BellaSole Foldaway collection?
A: We currently stock 2 styles: Our classic BellaSole Folding Flats (Chat Noir, Smoking Gun, Shiny Penny, Chrome, Party Animal, Matte Noir and Candy Apple), and our newest line of BellaSole Folding Flip Flops (Noir, Slate and Bianca). But the fashionista in us will always be on the lookout for the hottest new styles and colors for the next season. Check back often for our latest additions!

Q: I have a BellaCash coupon do I use it?

A: BellaCash codes are only good towards the full value of all inventory, and not applicable to sale prices or promotions.  Cannot be applied towards shipping.

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