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BellaSole Story

BellaSole Foldaway flats was inspired by the many nights I had no option but to go barefoot after punishing my feet in those hot stilettos that my outfit just couldn't do without.  But I was not alone.  I saw many girls suffering the same fate night after night out on the town.  If you are a fashionista like myself, beauty and style always triumph over comfort.  Shoes really do complete an outfit. But the price of beautiful shoes more than likely comes at the expense of your sore feet.

Ladies think back to the many times you wanted to keep dancing, but your toes felt like they were about to fall off. And remember the painful limping and cursing as you try to keep up with your boyfriend who doesn't understand why you can't walk faster? The streets and sidewalks of Hollywood may look glamorous, but aside from all the glitz and red carpets, it’s still a public sidewalk. 

BellaSole Foldaways are not just for night time.  City girls can get great use out of them too.  Those bulky tennis shoes or white canvas sneakers you wear walking from the train to the office doesn’t really go with your power suit. Not to mention the extra huge bag you have to carry them back and forth in. 

Don't compromise beauty for comfort. With that in mind, I set out to design a foldable shoe that was not only compact in size, but also durable and stylish. And always with fashion in mind, BellaSole Foldaways offer the hottest colors that will go with any outfit with some added flare (check out our animal print inner sole!)  Our convenient zipper pouch doubles as a wristlet, with a detachable strap. In addition to your Foldaway flats, you can also store your id, credit card, petty cash and lip gloss!  Everything you need for a night out, all in a sleek package.